Progress Updates:

We will provide weekly progress updates on the status of this project.

Final Plan Approved: 2 February 2012

The final Workforce Development E-Learning Plan for Renewable Energy Industry - Ver 3.0.pdf was approved on 2 February 2012. Implementation of Phase I is about to begin. Watch this space.

Week 8: 23 January 2012

The final Workforce Development E-Learning Plan for Renewable Energy Industry - Final.pdf was submitted for approval on 23 January 2012 and is available here.

The Lead Industry Partner and Co-Investor is the Clean Energy Council.

The Consulting Team - Val Evans, Susan Goff and Gareth Johnston - would like to thank everyone who provided input and feedback into the co-design of the final plan.

Week 7: 16-20 January 2012

Download RE WD Framework V2.4.doc - the Second Iteration of the draft Workforce Development E-Learning Plan has been developed in response to feedback to the first iteration (released in Week 6 below). The consultancy Team is now asking stakeholders to consider this draft and respond to these questions by COB Tuesday, 17 January:
If you had this Framework to work with -
  • What impact and outcome would you like achieved at the end of the second year (2013)
  • What of these impacts and outcomes do you identify as risks that are too great to take?
  • What aspects of these impacts and outcomes do you identify as benefits too valuable to miss?
  • Will this kind of plan meet the 2020 COAG targets for learning and development?
  • Will this plan significantly contribute to meeting the 2020 carbon reduction targets?
  • What of this second iteration needs to change?

Note that your responses will inform the third and final Workforce E-Learning Plan for Renewables (WEPR).
You can respond by:

Week 6: 9-13 January 2012

Download - The draft Workforce Development E-Learning Framework has been developed drawing on the surveys, online focus group and multiple conversations with stakeholders. The Consultancy Team is asking stakeholders to consider this draft and respond to four key questions:
If you had this Framework to work with -
  • What impact and outcome would you like achieved IN THE FIRST SIX MONTHS?
  • What aspects of the Framework would need to be targeted to achieve this?
  • Which units of competency, skill sets and/or qualifications would underpin this?
  • What needs to change?
You can respond by

The pursuit of co-investment has also begun. Co-investment is essential for the implementation of this project. Please goto Co-investment for more information on this.

Week 5: 2-6 January 2012

The Consultancy Team spent some time analysing and synthesising the surveys and the online focus group.

You can read the analysis of the two surveys here:

The online focus group looked at some of the earlier survey responses and considered how they could be integrated into a Workforce Development plan. Unfortunately the recording of the focus group has been removed as a trial version of Blackboard Collaborate was used. However, a copy of the online focus group presentation and all the participant responses is available here - note the responses come after each question and are contained in a blue box:

Week 4: 26-30 December 2011

Merry Christmas. We hope you all have a joyful and peaceful Christmas, and have time to revitalise yourselves ready for the New Year.

Both surveys have been closed.

Week 3: 19-23 December 2011

This week the Consultancy Team continued to talk to stakeholders. Both the e-Learning Readiness and the Workforce Development Current State surveys remained open.

Week 2: 12-16 December 2011

This week was about gathering more data to support the development of the Workfoce Development Plan for Renewables. Data gathering included
  • 1:1 interviews with 14 stakeholders
  • Online Focus Group with 11 participants
  • Workforce Development Survey with 18 respondents
  • Wikispace – 1 case study and discussion

We realise time is very short at this stage of the year, and appreciate any time you have given to this project.

This is a (prior to the online focus group) in regard to the workforce development needs of the sector.

If you would like to view the online focus group meeting Goto for the recording.

And please, if you would like to have your say, do so on this wiki by joining the discussion, and for those who would like to complete the workforce development survey and haven’t had a 1:1 interview, please go to

Week 1: 5-9 December 2011

This week we sent out an Introductory Letter to over 2000 renewable energy stakeholders with an invitation to participate in a very short survey to identify e-learning readiness and interest in participating further in this project. We received 42 responses from various stakeholders including:
  • renewable energy vendors (5)
  • renewable energy investors (1)
  • industry associations (2)
  • industry bodies (2)
  • industry regulator (1)
  • registered training organisations/educators/researchers (27)
  • unions (1)
  • industry training advisory boards (2)
  • learners (1)

The survey result showed that e-learning
  • was non-existent in 20.5%
  • just starting to use-elearning in 28.2%
  • experienced in use of e-learning in 30.8%
  • e-learning program designers/deliverers 20.5%