Phase I of the Workforce Development E-Learning Plan for Renewables (WEPR) is being implemented by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) as Lead Industry Partner and Project Manager from March to June 2012.

An Industry Advisory Group has been established by CEC to drive the project with participants also championing the project within their industry.

Phase I comprises seven key components:

1. Pilot of Harness the Sun, an e-learning resource developed to support the delivery of the three units of competency required for CEC accreditation for Grid Connect PV Systems. RTO's across Australia are invited to participate in the pilot which will include provision of the resource itself, technical installation support, trainer induction and mentoring throughout pilot. EOIs to participate in the pilot are currently being called for. EOI's close at COB Thursday, 22 March 2012. The units covered by Harness the Sun are:

Competency Code
Competency Name

UEENEEK125A (previously UNEENEEK025C)
Solve basic problems in photovoltaic energy apparatus

UEENEEK148A (previously UEENEEK048A)
Install, configure and commission grid connected photovoltaic power systems

UEENEEK135A (previously UEENEEK035C)
Design grid connected power supply systems

2. Development of e-learning resources to support one or two clean energy units of competency. The units to be developed are yet to be finalised.

3. Development of a comprehensive e-learning strategy to guide the renewable energy industry in the implementation of e-learning.

4. Development of a career mapping tool following a model developed by the US Dept of Energy - see

5. Identification of workforce development best practice case studies for the industry which will be made available on a central website through CEC.

6. Evaluation of Phase I providing critical feedback and input into Phases II and III.

7. A marketing strategy for the communication and dissemination of products and resources across the renewable energy industry.