The phase 1 evaluation is opening discussions about participants' experiences of "Harness the Sun" Toolbox e-learning resource in its early stages of uptake. We are keen to talk with students, teachers/tutors and investors in the program.

The evaluation is being conducted by Dr Susan Goff, of CultureShift Pty Ltd ( specialists in participatory evaluation, research and learning to progress social and environmental sustainability. Clean Energy Council's Kristen Woods will also be assisting with the project.

Funding and time, as well as on-the-ground development are all limited at the moment, so the evaluation will make the best use of what is available, producing insights about what is working for different stakeholders and what some of the significant challenges are with regard to the Toolbox and making it available for students and tutors to use.

We intend to hold interviews with 9 people representing student, tutor and investor interests, to produce 9 vignettes or stories about people's experiences. We will use this information to create a survey for all students to use - we will be relying on the teachers/tutors from the 8 pilot projects to help us with getting the students to answer the surveys in class if that is possible.

We will assimilate the vignettes and survey data to run by an on-line discussion with tutors from the pilots, and finally, hold a second on-line workshop with the Clean Energy Council's Industry Reference Group for their critical perspectives.

Our report will advise the Clean Energy Council and DEEWR regarding ongoing implementation of the program and the Toolbox, as well as make recommendations for stage 2 of WEPR.

The evaluation is scheduled to take place between June 4th and June 21st, but this timing may change if there are a lack of participants to contribute to the data.

We look forward to making contact with you and learning more about this great resource through your eyes.

Susan Goff