The Workforce E-Learning Plan for Renewables requires an initial 6-month focus at a minimum cost of $200,000 ($1 for $1 co-investment between industry and government.). This co-investment will fund the development, pilot implementation and evaluation of the supporting e-learning resources. The co-investor/s will become the Project Manager/s of all or part of the 6-month WEPR. Co-investment can include time, resources, administration and other costs associated with project management.

The advantage of co-investing is being able to target your own priorities within the Framework, as well as your own workforce in the pilot stage. The co-investor/s will work with Val Evans Consulting and Associates – CultureShift and FutureReady - to develop a detailed budget for this to happen.

Ultimately, any resources developed will belong to the Crown and will be made nationally available.

There is also an optional 2-year development strategy for additional funding depending on the outcomes of the first six months.

Are you a vendor or association interested in co-investing in the first six months? If so, please contact Val (**valevans[at]**), Gareth ( **Gareth[at]**), or Susan ( **susan.g[at]** ). Note: Replace the [at] with @ in email addresses.